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Daniel  10/27/2007 10:31:58 AM
I will be in Xiamen in the second week af November and I would like to discuss your wholesale prices with you.
How many paintings in your best quality could you show me out of your stock for different subjects?
Regarding copyrights, for example for your jazz-paintings, who created them/who has the rights?

Daniel Cid
Answer:  Thank you for your message on our website.we welcome you to visit our company in Xiamen.we have many painting from stock for you to choose.what subject or motif are you interested in? Many paintings on webstie are created by our artist,but some of them are only reproduction,we don't know who make them. Please inform me in advance before you come to xiamen,so that I can arrange time to meet you.   10/27/2007 12:58:31 PM

Richard B  10/25/2007 1:46:07 PM
Painting received in good order; very good quality work!...

I have 10 other similar scenes which I would like your artists to paint for me. I realise that you only price work individually, but would you be able to offer me a discount for ordering 10 different paintings at once? (assuming they were similar to ZPOO2.jpeg, the file I sent you last time)

The price for the work received so far is very agreeable; if you were able to discount this for my next order of ten paintings, I would be very grateful.

If not, then no problem!

When I have prepared the 10 images, I will send them to you for a quote.

Answer:  We usually give 10% discount for order more than 50pcs,since you mention it,I aggree to give you this discount,about USD24.00/PC ,Please note that the photo should be similar style to your last order,so the price will be same.   10/25/2007 1:47:15 PM

daniel  10/23/2007 9:06:58 AM

we are looking to resell painting from photo services. We are based in the UK.

Do you offer affiliate?
Answer:  I have send you email.Regards,leon   10/24/2007 2:23:41 AM

Izabela  10/18/2007 5:15:41 AM
I like you pictures and I would like to send them in my shop in Italy.
Write to me if it is possible and let me know the prices.
Answer:  I have sent you price list by email,If you didn't receive it,please leave me a message on website.Regards,Leon   10/19/2007 6:10:55 AM
Benito Menasche  10/16/2007 9:42:57 AM
Paintings were delivered yesterday. They are wonderful! I Enjoyed them very much
Thank you very much.
Stan  10/15/2007 7:29:43 PM
We are designer distributor store in Denver, Colorado, USA.
We are looking for oil paintings with frames. All sizes, classical styles.
We are ready to establish long time relationship with good reliable business.We also need wholesales prices
and fast shipping.
Tell us if you interested and give us all your pricing and options for freight. Thanks. Stan.

Answer:  I have sent you price list by email,If you didn't receive it,please leave me a message on website.Regards,Leon   10/16/2007 7:31:30 AM
Roy  10/15/2007 12:35:30 PM
according the picture of the photograph it seems verry nice to me,
I'm curious aroused about the paintresults in real.
So it is OK for me, thank You for the good care.
Answer:  I will send oil paintings tomorrow,will inform you of tracking number,Regards,Leon   10/15/2007 12:36:49 PM
Patricia  10/12/2007 12:37:22 PM
I have showed many people the first picture your artists drew for me. I have had a lot of fun with it; everyone just loves it. I have been able to reproduce it to almost likeness, by using my projector from your picture to my canvas. People can barely tell the difference. It has even been a very good art lesson, as well learning other's techniques. I can't tell you how great it has been to have this; I gives me a new enthusiasm for painting again. I have given your website to many, many people. I hope it gives you a lot of business.
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