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Emmanuel  11/22/2007 12:43:21 PM
Good evening Leon.
Do you know how long time it will takes for my order ? Is it possible to have some pictures about the work done ? In fact we are (my wife and I) very impatient to see the result.
Answer:  Oil painting is finished,I will send you photos by email tomorrow. Regards, Leon   11/22/2007 1:44:28 PM
Aprau  11/19/2007 1:56:51 AM
I want to have a portrait painted from a photo in oil on canvas of my wife. The size required is 24" width and 36" height. It has to be colour as in the photos. My wife is an Indian with distinct Indian features. Let me know if your painters can do it well and what would be the cost (the price list states it is US$125/-. Tell me also about secure payment method.
Answer:  Many thanks for your question,our aritist are very experienced,there is no problem to paint your wife well,you can see many portrait samples on our website.the price is right USD128.00 + shipping cost.We accpet payment method by bank ,western union ,paypal... If you need us to make oil painting, please send us your photos and size required by email,I will send you a proforma invoice as soon as possible.   11/19/2007 2:04:22 PM
Werner  11/17/2007 12:07:07 PM
We are waiting for the delivery of the painting. When you will sent it?

Best regards
Werner Herzig
Answer:  Dear Werner,we are not working today,I will email you photos on Monday.Regards,Leon   11/17/2007 1:54:17 PM

Mili  11/16/2007 6:18:18 AM
Hi there,
I am starting up a new painting selling business here in London. I would like to know about your wholesale prices. Also can the painting on the 100pcs series be bought without limitation of the minimums? Some of the paintings on 100pcs series are really interesting and I would like to test my ground them but do not want to buy in minimum of 100. Please advise me what sort of support and help available from you for a new business like me.

I am looking forward to hear from you. Thank you very much.

Answer:  Many thanks for your inquiry,we don't require minimum order for oil paintings,you can buy a little to verify quality.I have sent you email,If you don't receive it,please leave me a message on website.Regards,Leon   11/16/2007 12:12:48 PM

shireen  11/15/2007 3:00:40 PM
Dear leon
I received the painting today, it is beautiful.I am asking this question again,If I order 3 or 4 more painting will you send it in one pack and I pay according to weight or I will be paying seperatley for each one of them.thanks
Answer:  I am so glad you received oil painting,if you send 3 or 4 oil painting together,they will be packed in one pacakage.it will save shipping cost,the shipping cost is calcualted according to total weight.please send me photos and size required,I will send you a proforma invocie soon. Regards,Leon   11/16/2007 4:49:14 AM
sergio  11/13/2007 4:04:55 PM
i d eal with hotels and decoration stores i want to do businnes is there a catalog to order and start doing bussines
thank you
sergio nates
Answer:  Many thanks for your question on our website,we can send you DVD of oil paintings together with your first order. If you need us to make oil painting, please choose oil paiting from webiste or send us your photos and size required by email,I will calculate accurate price and shipping cost as soon as possible.   11/14/2007 12:57:01 AM
Johannes  11/13/2007 3:00:47 AM
Dear Leon,

Can you tell me the status of the painting?
Answer:  Dear Johannes,oil painting is done,I have send you photos by email.can you receive my email?if no,please leave me a message on website,Regards,Leon   11/14/2007 10:13:29 AM

schmitt  11/11/2007 6:10:12 AM
Good morning
I recently watched on french tv a report about your work and I found that wonderful.
I would like to know if I can get a different price for more than one item?
For instance, 5 paintings from 5 different photos-size 50x60? (shipping)
Please, excuse me but I have some difficulties to express my requests in english....Maybe a french contact is possible???
Answer:  We are oil paintings factory,all price quoted are wholesale price even you buy only one piece of paintings.if you buy more than 30pcs at a time,I will give you more discount 10%. The DHL fee depend on total weight,if you buy many painting at a time,will save shipping cost.   11/11/2007 9:54:04 AM
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